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A Message from Prof. Tetsu Yamaguchi, Toranomon Hospital, Member of the JCMT Council

A Message from Prof. Tetsu Yamaguchi, Toranomon Hospital, Member of the JCMT Council

The JCMT Project began in 1982 and now has a history of 30 years. Since the inception of this project, Toranomon Hospital has served as the host institution for training JCMT Fellows from other countries. As of April 2013, a cumulative total of 242 doctors had graduated from the JCMT Program, representing 16 countries, mainly in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

Because many alumni of the JCMT Program are now playing leadership roles in the development of medical care in various ASEAN countries, this is a highly effective medical support program. Many former Fellows also have extremely friendly feelings toward Japan and retain close ties with the JCMT Program after graduation. In this sense, the JCMT is a valuable international friendship program. Considering these important contributions, Toranomon Hospital is very proud to host this project.

For most of its history, the JCMT was supported by public funds, but in 2007, the organization faced a crisis when economic conditions made it impossible to continue this type of funding. However, thanks to the generosity of several private-sector companies which also believe in the goals of the JCMT, it was possible to continue the program with no significant changes in the medical training course and other activities. At present, the JCMT Program is continuing to function smoothly with the cooperation of 11 related organizations, including 9 Sponsoring Companies, the Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST), and Toranomon Hospital, and the members of the Evaluation Committee (Chairman: Osamu Watanabe, President, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX)), which reviews important items in connection with the operation of the project. In addition to being an outstanding reputation as an international contribution program, today’s JCMT is the result of the dedication and enthusiasm of all concerned toward the JCMT project. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to all of the companies and individuals who have made it possible to continue the JCMT project without interruption.

The doctors of Toranomon Hospital are responsible for providing guidance to invited doctors during their training, and they fulfill this role actively and enthusiastically. We are deeply grateful to these physicians for their unstinting cooperation and support in the operation of the JCMT Program. I am constantly reminded that this is a truly wonderful project which makes it possible to contribute to medical welfare in a way that extends beyond national borders, and also allows us to deepen and broaden our friendship with many doctors from other countries. I sincerely hope that Toranomon Hospital, through the concerted efforts of the hospital, will make it possible for the JCMT Project to continue its work for many years to come.