The JCMT - International contribution and international friendship through training of doctors from the developing nations.

JCMT Fellows are invited from Thailand:Chulalongkon University, Chonburi Hospital, etc. Indonesia:University of Indonesia, National Cardiac Center Harapan Kita Hospital, etc. Malaysia:Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia, etc. Vietnam:University of the Philippines Cebu doctors' hospital, etc. Philippines:Viet Duc Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Poland:Medical Centre for Post Graduate Education, M.S.-Curie Memorial Cancer Center, etc. Czech:Charles University, etc.

About the JCMT

The JCMT was established in 1982 as the Japanese Council for Medical Training (JCMT) Program, with the aims of receiving fellows (doctors) from various other countries, beginning with the nations of Southeast Asia, for training in medical equipment technology and related technologies, and thereby contributing to improving the level of medical care in the doctor’s home countries, and contributing to mutual friendship.
Over the JCMT's 30years history, a total of 242 doctors completed subspecialty training in various programs. After their return to their home countries, many of these JCMT graduates were active in positions where they played a leadership role in key medical institutions that are central to maintaining and developing new levels of medical care in their respective countries.



Outline of the JCMT Project in FY 2015
The President of Toranomon Hospital Pays Courtesy Calls on JCMT-related Organizations in Mongolia
A Report from the JCMT Secretariat -Activities during Fiscal Year 2014
New President of Toranomon Hospital Pays a Courtesy Call on JCMT’s Counterparts in Vietnam
Prof. Ouchi, New President of Toranomon Hospital, Pays Courtesy Calls on JCMT Counterparts in Indonesia

A Message from the Council Chairman

Every year in July, the JCMT Fellows who have completed the 2-month medical training course and doctors from Toranomon Hospital, representatives of the JCMT’s corporate sponsors, members of the Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST), and other related persons gather for a party celebrating the successful conclusion of the course. When I see the bright, smiling faces of the Fellows as they celebrate the completion of their studies, and their warm-hearted conversations with the Toranomon doctors and the JCMT Secretariat staff, I feel a sense of fulfillment like nothing else. I am also reminded anew that Japan learned much from the advanced western nations from the Meiji Period onward, and this helped to build the Japan of today.

Listening to the Fellows’ speeches, in which they expressed their thanks to those concerned on the Japanese side and their fervent desire to improve the level of medical care in their own countries, I could feel the weight of history of this project. The accumulation of accomplishments in this project supports the modernization of the developing countries, and I believe that the feeling of trust in Japan cultivated through this will become a true force for this country.

With the understanding of all those concerned, I wholeheartedly hope that this project will continue for many years to come.

Osamu Watanabe
Chairman of the JCMT Council
( President & CEO, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. )

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