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The JCMT Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

On July 10, 2012, the Japanese Council for Medical Training held a party celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the JCMT Project at the Kasumigaseki Building in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Those attending the party from the Japanese side included the members of the JCMT Council, doctors from a number of departments at Toranomon Hospital, which is the implementing organization for the JCMT Medical Training Program, and representatives of the JCMT’s Corporate Sponsors. Among past and present JCMT Fellows, doctors from 5 countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, etc. who are currently receiving training at Toranomon Hospital, as well as representatives of the JCMT’s alumni from 4 ASEAN countries participated. Thus, the evening unfolded in a friendly atmosphere with a rich international feeling.

As one of the founders of the JCMT, Dr. Ryomin Seino, who is currently a member of the JCMT’s Advisory Panel, presented several anecdotes from the time when the project was inaugurated, including a meeting with the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, H.E. Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. Representatives of the JCMT’s alumni, beginning with Prof. Menardi, Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Council, described their memories of their training at Toranomon Hospital and offered words of thanks for the contribution of that training to improving the level of medical care in their own countries, and also expressed their strong hope for the further development of the JCMT in the future.

Finally, speaking on behalf of the JCMT, the President of the JCMT Council, Mr. Osamu Watanabe, expressed his gratitude to the JCMT’s Corporate Sponsors, as well as his thanks for the warm support of JCMT Alumni in various countries for the disaster-stricken area in last year’s earthquake. Mr. Watanabe then mentioned episodes in connection with the future continuation of the program, after which the event came to a successful close.

The JCMT Celebrates its 30th Anniversary